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Welcome to Sensual Lifestyles, for women who want to experience it all. Official PayPal Seal

Sensual Lifestyles, an online community where thousands of women are looking for a reliable source of information, products and shared experiences to enhance their sex lives and increase levels of intimacy.

Sensual Lifestyles, for the married woman single woman, divorced woman, widow, stay at home mom, woman in business, professional woman, woman entrepreneur, depressed woman, alternative lifestyle woman, woman in transition.

Sensual Lifestyles promote natural products for female libido enhancements, pheromones for sexual attraction, retreats and workshops for women, coaching and exquisite design services to positively affect your emotional well being, physical attractive factors leading to psychological intimacy...causing you to feel your absolute best state of happiness and sensual fulfillment.

Sensual fulfillment is key to maintaining your youthfulness. Released sexual energies are healing and beneficial to women’s health, beauty and sensuous well being.

Receive articles on the latest research about anti aging, sex enhancing herbs and pheromones to create the highest levels of sexual stimulation, romantic tips and more. We want to keep you well informed on subjects that matter to you, personally as a woman.

Use our blog: to open the door to frank discussions and opinion sharing about romantic relationship challenges, use of pheromones, natural sex products, erotic and love poems.
Be all you can be in the bedroom, board room and kitchen. Keep abreast of new thinking, new products and personalized services that will ensure you stay on top of your game as beautiful women.

Sensual Lifestyles retreat and workshops will uplift your spirits and put you back in control of your destiny of happiness and fulfillment. Our retreats are small in size and feature ocean settings, private bedrooms with baths, an in house cook, driver and butler to cater to your every need. Sensuous massages await you upon arrival to distress, relax and put you in the mind of being totally safe and taken care of.

Coaching services are available to the woman who needs to vent and afterwards, come up with a strategy of action. We can map out a strategic plan to get you exactly what you say you need. Read “Lifting the Veil, Secrets of the Sensuous Woman” and “Sensual Eating Pleasures” Aphrodisiac Cookbook for insights on how to maintain your sensuous well being and health by exploring your Sensual Self.

Need someone to come in and transform your bedroom into a sensual haven for you to enjoy alone and with invited guest? We can design the lighting, textures, colors and furniture to create exactly the mood you need to undress, unwind and take matters into your own fingertips.
It’s all here at

Welcome to your intimate journey.             Your destiny is at your fingertips....

Take the Sensuality Test and see how you score! We have everything you need to increase your rankings.

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